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The Hemp Industry is about to EXPLODE! In the next 3-5 years Hemp will become the fastest-growing crop in the U.S.. With the recent changes in the 2018 Farm Bill, new doors and opportunities will be opened to many industries. With new opportunities come risks. Let us help you minimize your risks. We are the America’s Crop Insurance and Risk Management Specialists with over 200 years of ag insurance experience!

What We Do

The Assure Group specializes in unique and customized risk management packages to help a grower maximize their coverage while minimizing their downside. The Assure Group can assist in consulting on various risk management concerns for Hemp Growers from the growing process through the end user. Contact The Assure Group to learn more about the services offered.

What The Assure Group Can Assist You With

  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • The growing cycle – from seed/seedling to harvest
  • Agronomic Consultation
  • Connections to extractors and by-product processors
  • Transportation
  • Contracting

Hemp Insurance FAQ's

The Farm Bill legalizes the commercial production of hemp which must contain less than .3% THC. The bill also has a segment that will allow the grower to secure true crop insurance on their plants.

This is yet to be determined, but the process to bring a new crop insurance product to market does not occur overnight. The federal crop insurance carriers have expressed that it could be a few years before a product is available.

There are many different types of risk management that could be potentially be done to help minimize risk. Currently there are hail policies available in select states, and weather products available in most areas to protect against various weather-related perils.

Other options that can be explored are self-insurance models, and custom developed products. Contact us to discuss unique risk management solutions.

About Us

Innovative thinking from The Assure Group keeps both us and our customers ahead of the curve. We educate and help our customers understand the products they purchase. We help their decision making process with true analytics rather than emotion based decisions. The Assure Group provides crop insurance and risk-management tools to protect your profits. Let our team show you how.

— The Assure Group

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