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The Assure Group takes an analytical approach to farm risk management. By taking the emotional decisions out of the equation, our agents will assist you in choosing the coverage options that fit your operation.

Featured Products

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance

We specialize in the nation's most popular crop insurance plan, MPCI, which includes Revenue Protection, Yield Protection, Area Revenue Protection, Area Yield Protection, and many valuable add-on coverages such as Margin Protection.

Livestock / Dairy Coverage

There are several plans to choose from for livestock and dairy, including Livestock Gross Margin, Livestock Risk Protection, and Dairy Revenue Protection.

Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage

The Rainfall Index program insures against less-than-average rainfall in your area. With our advanced historical analysis tools, ranchers can make informed decisions on their coverage using over 70 years of past rainfall history and a trained TAG agent.

Private Insurance Products

Our agents have industry-leading experience both developing and servicing private crop insurance policies that supplement your MPCI coverage including Crop Hail and many other policies.

About Us

Innovative thinking from The Assure Group keeps both us and our customers ahead of the curve. We educate and help our customers understand the products they purchase. We help their decision making process with true analytics rather than emotion based decisions. The Assure Group provides crop insurance and risk-management tools to protect your profits. Let our team show you how.

— The Assure Group

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